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Robin Sachs, BtVS and B5 actor, has passed away, age 61



I have a peculiar fondness for the character that Robin played on Babylon 5; despite only making three appearances, Hedronn made a deep impression on me. So much so that I have several original characters inspired by him.

The B5 fandom has been hard-hit, these last few years, and I’m running out of things to say about how much the show and its creative team mean to me. So I will let Delenn speak for me:  

“There is no corresponding word for ‘goodbye’ in Minbari. All our partings contain within them the possibility of meeting again: in other places, in other times, in other lives. So you will excuse me if I do not say ‘goodbye.’” 

Fair farren, Robin. 

Nee’zhalen, Hedronn.

I hate this. We’re now hitting at least one death per year.

I’m a huge fan of Robin Sachs’ work, in Babylon 5, Buffy and Mass Effect 2, and I’m deeply saddened to learn of his death.

Even worse this would of been his 62nd birthday.

Our thoughts go out to his family during this time.

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    G’Quan bless your name, Na’Kal G’Quan bless your name, Na’Tok You will be remembered with honor.
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    Awwww fuck. :( I met him a few years ago at Comic-Con. He was super gracious and friendly, and I have a great picture of...
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    Seriously. Don’t ask. :(
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    This is so sad. So many are going beyond the Rim these days. RIP Robin. =(
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    Ethan Rayne from BTVS. Hedronn from B5. I never knew they were the same actor but I can hear the voices now from the...
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    Seriously God, go pick on someone else’s show…
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    Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK. Who are they going to steal from us next? Bright-eyed, wickedly funny Bruce? Gentle,...
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    Aww damn it. :’(
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    Again? *sighs*
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    Don’t ask. We might get an answer. :(
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